Nowadays people understand much better the importance of the mattress. Living in such a busy social environment has turned out ‘ time for rest ‘ as valuable and extremely needed. This need is also associated with the quality of our sleep. For this reason people pay higher attention to their mattresses. We spent at least one third of our life in sleeping, so it is very important to be sure that this time is spent in the best possible way.

Sometimes people do not realize that price and quality of the mattresses are just not enough factors to feel safe and secured. Even if using designer and organic material bed linen, if the condition of the mattress is poor , this might ruin the whole vision of healthy sleep. We advice our customers to have their mattresses Professionally cleaned at least once per six months.

  • Professional Cleaning

  • Trained Cleaners

  • 100% Satisfaction

Having our mattresses properly cleaned, prevents your family from different allergies and even asthma, or reduces its symptoms to minimum. In other words , if not having your mattress professionally cleaned you create a suitable environment for bacteria responsible for a number of diseases and life long – medical conditions as: asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory infections, perennial rhinitis, eczema, dermatitis, sinusitis and more.

Dust Mites and bacteria are invisible for the human eye. They are millions, and live with us, using our mattress, upholstery and carpets. Bellow you can find some general facts which could not be ignored :

  • Every home has Dust Mites, and over 50% of all homes are infested with Dust Mites
  • During their lifetime Dust Mites produce 200 times their body weight in excrement
  • During their lifetime Dust Mites produce 200 times their body weight in excrement
  • One single female Dust Mite can lay up to 300 eggs
  • Dust Mites can live without food for one year
  • On this shed skin Dust Mites can feed for up to 170 days
  • On this shed skin Dust Mites can feed for up to 170 days

All these facts simply mean that just basic cleaning / hovering is not enough in order to reduce the risk for your family. We have created a service which suits the needs of our customers and reaches best possible results. Our cleaning consists a natural , organic and chemical – free process. It removes dust, bacteria, spores, allergens, dust mites and decaying skin cells. Our Cleaning Methods use special high powered vacuum, designed to trap 99.97% of everything it collects. Next step would be to sterilize the mattress with a chemical – free disinfectant.

Within the cleaning process all the viruses, bacteria and spores will be totally killed. At the end of the service a natural and hygienic mattress spray is applied. It is anti – bacterial and insect repellent.