One of the less favorite house hold duties for every housewife is the cleaning of the blinds and the curtains in her home. This usually is a time consuming and unpleasant process. But yet nothing can affect the look of one room as much as curtains can do. The curtains and blinds are this part of the interior in your home that makes it look finished.

They are unique in bringing cosiness and feel of privacy to the room. We need to mention also their irreplaceable part in softening the harsh daylight in the summer or the reduce of heat loss through the windows in the winter. On another hand the good curtains may involve a remarkable financial investmentt, which is among the main reasons supporting the need of extending their life.

  • Professional Cleaning

  • Trained Cleaners

  • 100% Satisfaction

Our curtains normally appear to be the barrier between the in and outside world and therefore they are exploded to more dust, dirt and microbes than the rest of the furniture in our homes. Just vacuuming will not give your window dressings the deep cleaning they need to keep them looking fresh and new. If not properly cleaned on regular basis, our curtains and blinds will easily turn into a breading ground for all sort of mites, bacteria and microbes.

Our well trained professionals are ready to help you solve the problem. They will arrive on site and will clean your blinds and curtains while still hanging on the rods. We strongly recommend the use of a Steam Machine for completing the service. It will optimally sanitize the fabrics and make their natural colors pop out again. Our technicians apply only eco-friendly, biodegradable detergents, which will guarantee that your blinds or curtains won’t be destroyed and no allergies will occur.

We recommend a professional cleaning of your blinds and curtains to be applied every twice a year so it will ensure you a safer and cleaner environment for you and your most beloved once.